Ketone Reduction

Published: 2021-09-14 13:45:10
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Ketone reduction
Object: To reduce 9-flurenone to 9-fluorenol with the use of sodium borohydride, sulfuric acid to collect a precipitate and methanol and a reflux apparatus in order to purify a recrystallized product.

Reagents & Products:
Compound MW (g/mol) Used Moles Physical & Safety Data
9-fluorenol 182.22 - - mp. 153-154˚C. Irritant, white powder.
Ethanol 46.07 10mL 0.324 bp 78˚C, d 1.492g/mL. Flammable liquid, irritant, Dispose in non-halogenated waste bin.
Sulfuric acid 98.08 2mL 0.006 bp. 270-340˚C, d.1.84g/mL, corrosive irritant. Dispose of in non-halogenated waste bin. Concentration 3M.
Sodium borohydride 37.84 0.0946 0.0025 Solid flammable corrosive irritant dispose of in halogenated waste bin. No melting point it decomposes
9-fluorenone 180.21 0.901 0.0050 bp. 342˚C mp. 83.5˚C, irritant that may be combustible at high temperatures.
Methanol 32.04 10mL 0.247 bp. 64.7C, d. 0.791g/mL, Flammable liquid toxic, dispose of in non-halogenated waste bin.

Procedure Reference: Peter Marrs, Chem 232 Lab Manual, pp.53 (University of Victoria, BC). Spring2011.

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