Kudler Fine Foods Critical Information Systems

Published: 2021-09-15 18:35:10
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Critical Information Systems
Kudler Fine Foods, a provider of gourmet foods presently encompasses three locations established within the California La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas (University of Phoenix, n.d.). Prosperous company since 1998 that accommodates variety gourmet foods provided for its customers. Kudler Fine Foods development within the locations finds the need of expansion, by combining the technologies daily operations in all locations. Currently, the technology is insufficient in achieving transactions that encompass these locations preventing growth. The company management information system (MIS) in conjecture of all locations by upgrading the present system this would benedictional to company operations (University of Phoenix, n.d.). After evaluation the company decided to implement the system upgrade to all locations for expansion. The MIS team acquired a consulting company that comprises of Internet and business software applications enabling the company to be beneficial for advance technology. The MIS team choice for the consulting company is Smith Systems Consulting, a proven company from preceding clients for its expertise in advance technology
Smith Systems Consulting
The Smith System Consulting (SSC) consists of consulting from small-business to global corporations in various industries (University of Phoenix, n.d.). The extensive services that optimize a beneficial more advanced technology ensures' un-interruption of operational business processes. Because SSC as profound reputation for advance technology, Kudler Fine Foods has considered, using this consulting firm for the upgrade in the company. SSC notice that Kudler Fine Foods technology has limitations consider insufficient for today's standards of technology.
After diagnosing the entire network SSC encounter inadequacy within areas of inventory, accounting, and payroll, recommendations for Kudler Fine Foods an amelioration current system. Areas of concern within accounting and payroll department's re-categorizing ensuring amounts and paperwork entwine accurately in all locations, thus avoiding any audits in the future. Entirety of the business rest on proper inventory system that enables all location's to access each store's inventory status through back-office. SSC proposed to Kudler Fine Foods the purchase of application referred as Inventory Management System (IMS), the application enables the flexibility of features that includes mobile, Internet, wireless barcode scanner, database, and integration security, and access control (Smart Turn, 2010).

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