L'oréal of Paris: Bringing "class to Mass" with Plénitude

Published: 2021-09-01 18:10:14
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L'Oréal of Paris: Bringing "Class to Mass"
with Plénitude
L'Oréal was born in Clichy, France in 1907, the offspring of technological innovation. Nearly
90 years later, the spirit behind answering the needs of a Parisian hairdresser in search of more subtle
and lasting hair color for his clientele, was at work in the Health and Beauty Aids aisles of K-Marts,
Wal-Marts, drugstores, and grocery stores throughout the United States as L'Oréal sought to bring
"class to mass" in the skincare market.
From his office overlooking Fifth Avenue in New York City, Joseph Campinell, President of
L'Oréal's U.S. Retail Division explained L'Oréal's strategy for the mass market: "We sell product in
the department store and specialty store channels. The research and development we do in support
of those brands like Lancôme and Biotherm can be leveraged into mass market outlets as well. We
call this 'trickle down and fire up.' We trickle the technology down to the mass markets where the
high volumes are and that fires up our next generation of products by funding the research and

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