Lana Sweets & Pastries/website Purpose and Architecture Plan

Published: 2021-09-15 08:30:08
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Lana Sweets & Pastries/Website Purpose and Architecture Plan
Faten Hamad
University of Phoenix Online
September 19, 2011
Zamir Deen

A regular family chats in one of those raining day during the winter, eating a homemade Arabian sweet, which makes everybody started to imagination about if two young ladies, a University of Phoenix online students, mothers to five children ages between two and teen, with a little help from their family they can create a small business start with it from home and name it "Lana Sweets & Pastries" that hold the youngest girl name in the family. As a family most of her members were born in Middle East, but lately everybody live in a small city called Stockton in California State. They think of other people they missed the famous delicious Arabian sweets and pastries with the way their grandmothers were made it for them. Sadly those families cannot buy a fresh Arabian sweet and pastries because there is no Arabian sweet business in Stockton or in any city around it. My family decides to let everyone who likes the Arabian sweets, to find it right away, with no need to wait for a few weeks to receive an order made throughout an online business websites to send them sweet from Middle East to Stockton. With only a quick click, from sweets lovers on "Lana Sweet & Pastries" website makes them enjoys the fresh homemade Arabian Middle Eastern sweets and pastries.

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