Lead in the Body

Published: 2021-09-14 21:30:08
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As the old saying goes, "kids will be kids." However true this may be, it is also extremely dangerous. Children are notorious for eating foreign objects and putting odd substances in their mouths. While they are only trying to experiment and discover how the world around them works, they could potentially be harming their bodies and future abilities. Lead poisoning is a common local and national issue that often forms when a person is a child, and harshly affects the person's memory and learning capabilities.
The Detroit area consistently leads the state of Michigan in lead poisoning. An article in the Detroit Free Press from May, 2010 went into detail on the horrifying disease and its many problems.
To understand how drastic lead poisoning is and how it affects a person's performance, one must know how lead alters the body. "Lead is a neurotoxin that can reduce a child's intelligence and cause a lifetime of behavioral and health problems" (Lam). Children are much more likely to receive lead poisoning because of the numerous materials that enter their mouths on a daily basis. "Exposure to lead in young children damages developing brains - and its effects are permanent, so once a child has high levels, harm is done" (Lam). The most common cause of lead poisoning is through lead-based paint and household dust. Once lead enters the body, it infects and damages various body parts. Lead attacks cells and destroys them; it enters kidneys, which act like sponges, and bones, both holding high concentrations of lead; and it inhabits the brain, where it causes the most damage, decreasing intelligence and causing learning disabilities (Lam).

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