Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes of Steve Jobs

Published: 2021-09-01 22:55:13
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Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes of Steve Jobs

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(A discussion of Steve Jobs as a leader, based on Andrew J. DuBrin's definitions.)


"iPledge allegiance to the Apple by the genius of Steve Jobs, and to the Quality for which it stands: one Fanboy under Tech, Indivisible, with Creativity and Style for all."1

This ode to the CEO of Apple exemplifies the influence and charisma extreme fans of Apple products (the so called "apple fanboys") attribute to Steve Jobs. However, apparently he is hated with similar eagerness by others, exemplified by the excistence of a "we-hate-Steve-Jobs" petition site2. So, who is this person that creates such extreme emotions?

Steve Jobs is a co-founder of Apple Company in 1976 (with a childhood friend Steve Wozniak)3. He was forced to leave the company in 1985, after internal power struggles, and returned twelve years later. Meanwhile, he had very successfully led the Pixar animation studios4.

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