Lesson Plan Modification

Published: 2021-09-13 19:40:10
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Lesson Plan Modification
Science and experiments have always been interring to me so I decided I would look for a lesson plan about science. I found many on the World Wide Web, I read through a many of them over the last couple weeks and decided to go with one on pumpkins. This lesson was developed for Beginning, advanced beginning ESL students grades 2-6. Within this paper I will state the selected lesson plan, identify the effective strategies, add modification, explain how both these modification support research and theories from our text, Analyze how the modification address interrelationship between culture and language.
The selected lesson plan:
"Pumpkin Science"
Lesson topic: How plants grow; experiments with pumpkins.
Proficiency / Grade level: Beginning, advance beginning ESL students grade 2-6.
Content Concepts and Skills: vocabulary on plant growth; how pumpkin seeds grow into plants; floating and sinking; predicting, estimating, and sequencing.
Vocabulary: Soil, seeds, cover, water, sunlight, roots, shoots, ground, sprout, vines, leaves, buds, flowers, green, yellow, orange, pick seeds, pulp, estimate.
Materials or Resources:
It's Pumpkin time by Zoe Hall
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever by Steven Kroll
Pumpkin Day by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace or other pumpkin books developmentally appropriate for the age and English language ability.

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