Libya Case

Published: 2021-09-13 11:35:09
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Libya is currently in the process of reforming its government and rebuilding its country after their recent civil war. Previously, Libya was controlled by the dominating ruler, Colonel Qaddafi, for four decades. Qaddafi held such a tight rule over Libya that now the newly appointed government officials are finding it difficult toin establishing a new, and functioning governmental system. The Civil War in 2011, militant attacks targeting Foreign Embassies, weapons trafficking, and basic legislative knowledge are keys to the unstable state of Libya. Libya is underway to establishing a democratic government, though Libyan people are unsure of this democratic change and the reliance of this new government; Libyans insisting on having more control over their lives. (Rosenthal, 2012) Libya is still a fragile county as they continue to restore a broken government. If Libya is unable to gain full control over Libyan militants and cement a process of government, Libya will likely fall under the power of Libyan militants orand other terrorist organizations. Libya's government will losewill have lost the chance to develop a democratic country and the possibility of another Civil War may will ensue as militants attempt to regain control.
It is crucial that Libya continues to pursue a free and democratic government; the first legitimate elections of Libya were held July 2012. (Rosenthal, 2012) Libya will need to continue to use their strengths, a strong sense of nationality and natural resources, to assist in financing reintegration programs and funding for the reconstruction of the country. With the ability to expand their foreign relations for national resources, Libya will be able to apply revenue gained into reintegration programs and in the county and its people. Thus, diminishing militant power and allowing focus to be directed onto the strengthening of their restored government.
Libya's relations with the United States has, for several decades, gone back and forth between one extreme to another; influenced by the former dictator Qaddafi's regime rule. The United States has reestablished strong relationship with Libya, supporting the newly developing democratic country. (Beureau of Near Eastern Affaris, 2013) The United States and Libya have mutual economic goals; to maintain business and a counter terrorism interest. (Hanson, 2009) One of Libya's major natural resources, linking it with several countries, that link it with several others countries, is oil production. Oil sanctions were emplaced by the United States and other foreign countries during Libya's Civil War to emphasize the lack of support for the extreme violence and Colonel Gaddafi. (Beureau of Near Eastern Affaris, 2013) This caused a significant oil and financial loss for Libya, resulting in the worst oil non-opec stoppage since 2005. (The International Energy Agency, 2011) Currently, oil productions and revenues are back a sustained and positive level, and all sanctions have been lifted. Libya is now a part of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa trade and investment, which the United States is a large member of; significantly supporting Libya's oil production. The United States continues to support the vastly growing democratic Libya, even after the militant attacks against the U.S. Embassy in 2011. However; recent arms shipments from the United States, to Qatar, were reportedly being turned over to Islamic militants within Libya. The United States was concerned with of the image that this could portray to the Libyan government,; possibly appearing as if the United States facilitates Libyan militants with weapons. (Risen, Mazzetti, & Schmidt, 2012)
Libya and the United States' relations will continue to grow in strength as. As the Libyan government continues to develop its newly democratic government., The United States will continue to provide support and possibly helptry to ensure a strong democratic structure within Libya. Once Libya has solidified and grasped a dominate foothold democratically, The United States will likely take the opportunity to expand on Libya's natural resources. President Barack Obama has pledged to provide support to Libyan people as he has stated that the United States is, "..committed to the Libyan people". The United States will continue to provide support to Libya as President Barack Obama pledged to work with the new Libyan government as a partner, and said

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