Life in the Medieval Period

Published: 2021-09-13 05:10:09
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Life in the Medieval Period
The Medieval Period is also known as the Middle Ages, and began in the 5th century and ended in the 16th century in Europe. Medieval means old-fashioned and primeval which is why this is the word chosen to describe our history. As you can imagine, it was a very different life during the medieval period with many different aspects and difficulties. There was disease and the horrible handling of the mentally ill as well as the mistreatment of women. Even smaller matters such as manners and fashion were very different from today. Overall, it was a time that was harder, dirtier and a great deal more difficult than life today.
Epidemics were common in the Medieval Period. Explorers and voyagers would bring back foreign diseases to Europe. The diseases were difficult to treat because medicine was not as advanced as it is today and many of the diseases brought back were new to the Europeans. "The discoverers and their crews had carried European diseases to distant lands, infecting native populations. Then, when they returned, they bore exotic diseases which could spread across the continent unchecked" (W.M. pg 34). No one was able to find the source of the sickness so it was never stopped from spreading through the towns. Those who were sick were not treated properly, but that did not even compare to the treatment of the mentally ill. They were seen as weaknesses by society and were often burned, killed or thrown into dungeons. The practice of medicine was often cruel and unsafe during this time period.

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