Living in the City Vs. Living in the Country

Published: 2021-09-13 06:40:08
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Professor Davis
English 1101
3 December 2012
Living in the City vs. Living in the Country
The fast, bright, lifestyle of Chicago and New York City, or the heavy trees, shade, and musk smell of the backwoods. Which sounds more appealing? Some people believe that location of living, as in living in the city or living in the country, is not a very important factor of life. Look at this at this as the same scenario as discussing the difference between a job and a career. A career is something a person loves doing and wants to continue doing the rest of their life, not just some job they landed doing something they hate to make some extra cash. This should apply in choosing where to live. One should never 'settle' for something that just is not right to their liking, they should choose their location wisely and try to picture themselves living there forever. In that case, if that does not seem right for them, it probably is not. Living in the city and living in the country can both be very great places to live and are similar in some ways, however, they have many key differences..
Living in the country can sometimes be good for raising families. There are more varieties as to homes, and it is all free-will. There are no limits to abide by in the creation of homes. The country is also loved for being quiet and peaceful, the country is notorious for the sounds of nature, the birds singing, and the only extra light at night being the fireflies. Alot of times in the country there are small streams or ponds that children find fun to play in. There is the freedom of having any pets, big or small, because of the abundance of land and freedom of not having to compensate the family's wants for the public. In the country some families have a farm, which people say can teach children patience and responsibility as to caring for the animals. Farms can also bring in extra money for the family. Families earn profit from selling their surplus, and also save money by keeping the foods they grow to eat. A big problem with living in the city is being too close to fast food and other luring places to spend money. In the country, getting fast food would just be an inconvenience. The country would be a nice place for families that like outdoor activities, such as pools, four-wheelers, and bonfires. Such activities could mean major trouble for families who live in the city. Privacy, unlike the city, would be a major plus side of living in the country. Depending on the area, one might not have neighbors for a mile away. Less people also means there would be lesser chance of things getting stolen and broken into, which is very common in the city.
"[2008] There were 50,453 violent crimes in New York City" (Federal Bureau of Investigation), which means that there were on average 138 crimes every day. Criminals typically avoid the country for a common reason; people in the country commonly own firearms, which is banned or argued upon the question of banning in most cities. "Handgun ban advocates argue that handguns are the type of firearm more likely to be used in crimes, for example, 51% of homicides in 1999" (FBI, Crime in the United States 1997, pp. 68, 207.). That

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