Lory Case

Published: 2021-09-02 07:50:14
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It's possible that the retrograde transit of Mercury and the lack of planetary combinations may work together to help you realize an important link to the past, Libra. Because of the cosmic "blank slate" that exists today, you may be able to see why certain conditions in your life are there, and gain some insight as to how to change them. You might also gain an understanding as to how you can make use of things that you can't eliminate. The Moon's transit may help you use reason and critical thinking to your advantage.
Your Full Horoscope:If you're involved in a legal dispute, or have to focus on writing a paper or taking a major exam, this is likely to be a stressful day, Libra. The planetary patterns formed by the Moon, Mars and Neptune may be difficult, but they won't create a worst-case scenario, unless you let your emotions get out of control. The problems may come from your work schedule or from someone's efforts to undermine your progress, whether those efforts are intentional or not. Today is not good for travel or using unfamiliar food or drink.

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