Lost in the Sauce: the Effects of Alcohol on Mind Wandering

Published: 2021-09-14 07:00:11
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Sayette, M.A., Reichle, E.D., Schooler, J.W.
Article date: 2009
Title of the article: Lost in the sauce: The effects of alcohol on mind wandering
Title of the Journal: Psychological Science
Volume Number: 20
Page Numbers: 6
Ami Patel
PSY 100.102
October, 3 2011

The result of the psychological experiment suggested that alcohol increases mind wandering while simultaneously reducing the likelihood of noticing one's mind wandering. Past research (Sayette, 1993) suggests that the association between alcohol and distraction is /complex. Environmental distractors can influence the impact of intoxication on emotion and behavior, but alcohol may affect sensitivity to distraction. In this study, participants performed the mind-wandering task after consuming either alcohol or a placebo, and the purpose of the current study was to test the effect of alcohol on both the occurrence of mind wandering and the capacity to notice that one's mind has wandered. The authors hypothesize that alcohol reduced self-awareness and increased the overall amount of time spent mind-wandering, and interferes with the capacity to notice that one's mind has wandered.

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