Love Conquers Evil

Published: 2021-09-11 17:30:10
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Love Conquers Evil

King Jr., Martin Luther. "The Quest for Peace and Justice." University of Oslo, Norway. 11 Dec. 1964. Lecture.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is beyond appreciative for the opportunity to provide a lecture at the University of Oslo in Norway, in 1964. His speech is known as, "The Quest for Peace and Justice." He accepted the Nobel Peace Prize this day, while giving recognition to all of his peers who have joined the nonviolence movement with him. Dr. King explains how society has developed scientifically, but not morally. He stresses that the most important yet most basic fundamental is missing, learning how to live among each other, as brothers. Society has become so wrapped up in survival through scientific and technological means that it has forgotten about the spiritual being of a human.
Dr. King refers to societies problem as a spiritual absence. He elaborates further by saying there are three problems, racial injustice, poverty, and war. The civil rights movement is a significant piece of history, but Dr. King makes it clear there is still inequality. Freedom is wanted so bad by the minority group, that it will prevail. Progress has been made, such as the Supreme Court's decision of outlawing segregation. President Kennedy's bill: the emancipation proclamation, was also a significant sign of progress. But this progress is only a small step, equality has yet to be achieved; Dr. King is ready to move mountains to achieve equality and freedom. Mountains can be moved without violence, he does not wish to retaliate for any violence that has occurred thus far. Dr. King elaborates how violence is impractical and immoral. He explains that violence does not win over the opponent's understanding, but it humiliates them. Nonviolence approach will redeem what Dr. King earlier explained as the biggest problem in society, forgetting about treating one as a human being in a spiritual sense. Nonviolence is such an important form of weapon that Dr. King explains he is willing to suffer for the greater good of the hopeful outcome of equality.
The second problem Dr. King refers to is poverty. Children have gone without seeing doctors and dentists, they, along with others, are sleeping on the streets. Dr. King explains that if poverty has just struck, then it is possible to eliminate. If a nation has the resources to provide, then poverty should be diminished, instead the people of poverty are forgotten. Everyone of one's society is related somehow, someway; and because of this, Dr. King stresses that the rich shouldn't ignore the poor. The third problem Dr. King touched on previously is war. Societies are convincing themselves that the issue is not as serious as it is. Nuclear weapons are being created, but it is easier for a society to pretend that they are not to relieve anxiety. Men are driven to war,

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