Love Is Weakness

Published: 2021-09-11 17:55:10
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1 January 2013; around 00:30,
I'm standing in this room with my two best friends. We came to congratulate New Year after seeing the fireworks, which wasn't particularly good, because the fog was too thick that night. As I stand my eyes wonder all over the place searching for something. And then I saw her. And if it's possible even more beautiful then I remember. She was wearing a beautiful sea green skirt, and it looked just perfect on her. But the skirt was just trifle compared to her hair. Her hair was, for me, the best part. Nothing too tacky, but one detail made her hair look matchless. She had two thin twists, one from each side of her head, connected at the back, falling freely with the rest of her hair. She looked so unreal, like an elf from Tolkien's stories. Magical and perfect. I was stunned. First time after four months I get the chance to finally talk to her in person. She noticed me and started walking towards. I didn't know what am I supposed to tell her or how should I act. But words wasn't necessary. She hugged me so tight and we just whispered to each other "happy new year". After a longer moment she leaned backwards, still having her hands around me. She looked in my eyes, like she was trying to see something, like she was searching for something. Although it lasted only a couple of seconds it felt like eternity to me. Then she kissed me on my cheek, and we kept hugging for another few moments. When she stepped back she looked at me once more and smiled. I can't tell if I smiled back, not for sure. As I leaned on one of the tables I lid a cigarette, trying to get back to reality. Others also came to say "hey", and wish us happy new year, to me and my friends. Among them was her sister too. Also gorgeous and cute as always. We were offered with drinks, but I couldn't drink anything. I lid another cigarette, leaned on that table and watched, I don't know what I was looking at, I just stared into nothing. Suddenly she came to us asking for a lighter, pushing me in the same time, so she could sit on the table putting her legs on the bench. She was angry, frustrated and was complaining about how someone ruined her hair and on top of that her tights tore on her right leg. Something came to my mind and I was going to tell her: "don't worry about your hair, no matter how it looks you are still the most beautiful girl here, and as for the tights, it doesn't matter either. Just put it this way: no one else here have their tights tored and that's just one more thing that makes you special." I wanted to cheer her up a bit. But I didn't tell her that, instead I asked her "why do you care?" I asked myself why I didn't, I guess I was aware that she have a boyfriend, and I didn't want to get in between them. I'm not saying that she would fall for me, but it would be inappropriate, I mean,

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