Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

Published: 2021-09-11 18:00:10
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Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage

Marriage is a legal and social contract between man and a woman. These days you hear about Arranged marriages and Love marriages. What is the difference between Arranged marriage and Love marriage? An Arranged marriage is arrange by the parents, relatives or in some cultures suggested by a priest. On the other side Love marriage is when two individuals themselves choose to marry based on their love, affection, commitment and mutual attraction. Both have some differences between them and most of the common differences are the role of parents, cost of wedding, and Stability.

Arranged marriages are more common in Indian, Pakistani, traditional African, and in European cultures. An arrange marriage is not just between the bride and groom, but also between two families as well. In arrange marriage, the parents will choose based on the background of the groom and the bride. For example, In Indian culture bride's parents look for culture, religion, caste, and financial strength. The groom's parent's look for the bride's looks, character, and bride's parent's ability to give a dowry that may include gold, money, appliances, and gifts for their relatives as well. Parents will decide where the wedding ceremony will take place and other functions related to the wedding. The cost of the wedding goes up in arranged marriage because the bride's parents have to arrange a dowry and gifts for relatives to make them happy. The bride's parents show off their wealth by arranging a big wedding ceremony in big expensive hotels. In arranged marriage there is more stability seen because couples focus more on learning how to love, and learn each other's likes and dislikes day by day therefore, it makes their marriage more stable. Arranged marriage has a lower rate of divorce because couples will consider their family as well as any children they may have before making that decision.

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