Mad About English

Published: 2021-09-12 06:35:07
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Mad about English
I think this documentary is very interesting and meaningful. This documentary was shown in Discovery channel which is really popular in western country. Many foreigners should have watched this documentary which I think is a really good chance to know what's really happening in China rather than believing rumors like 'China people is so self-centered!' 'They don't like outsiders!' etc.

I was so impressed by the old man still learning English in this high age. I understand that old people don't have good memory and don't pick up new skill as fast as we do. He himself mentioned about it too but still he kept on trying to improve his English. Personally, I think he really did a great job comparing to his age group. He really does have passion on learning good English which make me feel ashamed that I have such a good environment and resources but don't use them wisely.

There was a scene when a taxi driver having a conversation with two foreigner. He obviously can't really communicate with them. He answered a different thing which is way off the question. At that point, I hope that I was beside of him and translate it into mandarin so that he can answer the right thing. I can tell that he really wanted to have communication with the foreigners however, his English skills blocked his way. When I see him learning English through those recording, I was happy for him. Though my English is not really good, I wanted teach him some basic word.

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