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Published: 2021-09-10 02:15:13
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In the organizational structure there is hierarchy in the system for the smooth functioning. Management decide the role & responsibility of each position in the organization & prefer to work it in systematic way. In this system individual at particular position is report to person who is higher in the rank & work in collaborative manner with him as per direction. Manager is leading a team of subordinate to achieve goal & target given to him by organization. Earlier mostly Manager use to be experienced person in the domain & using his knowledge & expertise he leads the team in the organization. Managers are getting younger and younger, it seems. Interestingly, these young managers are now leading a team comprising of hardworking, dedicated workers of older generations. Now a day's due to educational Institutes young generation is joining the industry as a manager by taking proper course in specific domain. These managers usually lead a team which comprises of people with different age group, gender, region and religions. Usually difficulties occur due to age difference between manager & officers and if this age difference is more then it's more uncomfortable for someone. We can see many such cases in the every industry now a day's where young manager is leading a team & subordinates are older than him. Sometimes due to proper understanding between themselves these team outperform also in the organization.

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