Management in Businesses

Published: 2021-09-03 11:15:12
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14. She is making efforts at unionizing because the low-wage workers are treated with disrespect. She wants a union to try to increase the rights of her colleagues in order to gain more respect by their bosses and customers. The working conditions, deductibles and the fact that her "COBRA" was running out led her to these efforts. Barbara's reasons include that no one gets paid overtime when they are encouraged to do so. Also, the schedule causes many problems among the workers and the managers treat their employees with disrespect and rudeness. Many of her fellow workers motivate her. For example, Stan worked so he could go to school, but because of his hours Stan had to drop out. Also, Marlene, who worked full time since November still cannot afford a car, motivates her. She wants to be treated with respect.

15. The author defines "unskilled labor" as jobs that require concentration. These "unskilled labors" caused Barbara to need how to learn how to use new tools and master new skills and terms. Each job requires some kind of skill in order to accomplish one's job well. I agree with this because even jobs that pay low wages require that the employees learn the necessary techniques. Even easy jobs need some kind of skill.

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