Managing Diversity in the Work Place

Published: 2021-09-14 23:25:10
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Managing Diversity In The Work Place
Diane E. Adams
Webster University

Workplace balance, diversity, and equality are explored for deciding whether an organization is as credible, trustworthy, and soluble as it seems. The author attempts to examine how managing diversity focuses on increasing representation from the perspective of competitive advantage as well as increased overall satisfaction and commitment of the work force in an effort to achieve competitive advantage. We will explore the changes in the makeup and expectations of employees today. This includes demographic as well as cultural changes. Managing diversity means being acutely aware of characteristics common to employees, while also managing these employees as individuals (Bohlander & Snell, 2004). We will also highlight the reasons for diversity management and show how Managing work place diversity creates a competitive advantage. In addition we will explore the impact of marketing work-place diversity. How negative outcomes have also been associated with the beneficiaries. In conclusion we will address where we are today? A candid look at how diversity plays a key role from the CEO's point of view and the impact in programs and practices today.

Workforce Diversity is the make up of a workforce plays a significant effect on all key processes and practices including recruitment, retention, employee development, benefits and work practices. Work-force diversity means being acutely aware and sensitive to the characteristics common to employees, while also managing these employees as individuals (Bohlander, G. & Snell S. (2004).
It means not just tolerating or accommodating all sorts of differences but supporting nurturing, and utilizing these differences to the organizations advantage (Bohlander, G. & Snell S. (2004).
A diverse group of employees usually have more ideas and skills which lead to better solutions. This is most often referred to as an "inclusive" workplace. An inclusive workplace values everyone.
I work for "Lockheed Martin". The organization I work with operates under a "team concept" in order to achieve its goals. Each employee is valued for its contribution and ideas not only to make the organization a better workplace but to accomplish its mission. The group of people on my team is very diverse. Diverse not only in ethnicity but in backgrounds, age and gender. Lockheed values the contribution and ideas of all of its employees in order to create better solutions, an inclusive environment that "values" everyone. Of course there are many different social reasons for the inclusion of a broader spectrum of workers. The bottom line is that there are many essential business reasons as well. The key is to creating a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining the best employees. The primary business reasons for diversity management include, better utilization and by utilizing a greater pool of talents (93%). Increased marketplace understanding (80%), enhanced creativity 53%, increased quality of team problem solving 40%, and the dimension of understanding in leadership positions 60% (Bohlander, G. & Snell S. (2004)

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