Managing Organizational Change: Strategic Management and Strategic Change

Published: 2021-09-10 15:45:08
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Managing Organizational Change: Strategic Management and Strategic Change
1. Executive Summary
Strategic management is concerned with the organizational operation by business organizational administrations to address the predetermined major organizational goals and the emergent business organizational challenges and the use of business organizational capital to improve on the performance in the competitive business environment. Strategic management involves stating the organizational goals and business strategy in terms of the mission, vision and objective to be implemented in the business organization operations (Paul Joyce, 2001). The strategic management then proceeds to formulate the organization plans and policies along which the stated business organization goals are to be realized consistent with the organization business strategy. Finally, the strategic management operationalizes the business plans and policies by allocation the organizational financial, physical and human capital to implement the organizational goals specified as programs or projects.
Periodically, the business organizational performance is posited on the organization stakeholders' prospect to determine the organizational progress toward the realization of the stipulated goal. Strategic management is also consistently sanitized to the market environmental conditions for a rational planning between the management prospects and the environmental factors. Human capital in strategic planning extrapolates beyond the organizational managers to include the organizational board of directors as the top most bureaucratic organ of the business organization. The concept of strategic change in strategic management is an approach in organization's strategic management which involves forecasting and mitigating the business operation system in which an organization is a party. Strategic change is concerned with the concept of evaluation, which implies assessing the chronological dynamism in the business organization intrinsic and external environment. The major dynamic strategic change external concern to a business organization is the business competitors (Philip, 2003). Strategic change determination of the dynamic market competition a formulating business goals and business strategies in the strategic management to address the indentified and forecasted competition in the strategic changes business analysis. Strategic change analyses is also crucial in strategic management as it helps to determine progress in the implementation and success in the formulated goals and business strategy for the continuation of a consistent strategic management strategy or for its reorientation in regard to the indentified technological, completion, economic and other environment change in the strategic change analyses.
This research paper thus looks at how strategic change analyses determine the business strategy employed by an organization to realize its business organizational goals. The research seeks to refute the notion of the business strategy of a business organization being rigidly strategically managed from the organizational mission vision and objective defined by the organizational owners and management at the point of business organization establishment. This research thus seeks to establish the volatility of business strategic management based on the changes in the organizational environment as forecasted in the organizational changes analyses. Among the strategic change exhorted in this research includes organization partnership or dissolutions, external competition, conservative intrinsic organization culture and staff morale, product or services utility satisfaction, and reformulation of the buyers' knowledge. The influenced strategic management components by the strategic change include the business organization marketing strategy which determines the overall organizational operation activities.

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