Manstra Case Study Would They Sell or Keep the Business?

Published: 2021-09-15 09:00:10
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ProblemWould they sell or keep the business?Why do they need to sell? – they are not earning anymore – why are they not earning anymore – old facilities – they didn’t want to add costs – no money – they were not transparent – no record keepingStrengthsThey are situated in the most marketable real estate in the countryBrand Name – they have been in the place since 1960s Premier hospital in the country’s most populous and popular cityRegion’s notable medical institutions, pioneer of its kind – PharmacyWeaknessOld facilities and equipmentNo transparency in the executive position especially for accountingDilapidated rooms and hallwaysOpportunitiesThey could take advantage of the growing population ThreatsNew hospitalsDrugstoresPorter’s 5 ForcesThreat of new entrantsHigh since the capital for hospitals are bigBargaining power of buyersHigh since they opt to choose for the better hospital and cheaper oneBargaining power of suppliersIntensity of RivalryHigh because of the emergence of other hospitalsThreat of Substitute ProductsHigh, other hospitals????Areas of ConsiderationThe need to upgrade the facilities as more and more doctors are shying away from performing operations in a hospital that has very old facilities/equipmentFunds were diverted from the hospital to a private account (that of the former medical director)No proper recording of hospital and pharmacy transaction – no proper accounting or bookkeeping was made to monitor day to day operations and pharmacy salesThe hospital’s lack of improvements over the yearsOld and dilapidated rooms and hallways are gloomy George has to immediately solve these problems before going to the next phase which is? ----Land valuation is now 40x its original book value ACA

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