Marriage Case

Published: 2021-09-13 08:55:09
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When people get married, they do not truly realize that marriage is a very big step in a relationship. Being married comes with many different tasks that have to be done daily. He or she must also trust their spouse with all their heart, and without trust, the marriage dies slowly.
As a couple decide to take the final step in a relationship and say "I do" in holy matrimony, their life will be completely different than it was before they get married. The couple will both have two families now and more people to please. In most cases the in-laws don't like one another, which can cause plenty of tension and problems throughout the marriage. Which can lead to the couple to separate or even divorce if things go completely wrong. His or her family can feel neglected because they will slowly lose connection with their loved ones. He or she can possibly listen to their spouse and turn on one's own family since he or she has another family to lean on when things go wrong.
Even though marriage and family are two very important factors in life they can both be very difficult to balance at times. When one puts a marriage before family, family feels betrayed. Joan Didion's essay "On Going Home" is about two families and, by marriage, one family as a whole. They don't seem to get along too well with their family member's other half, by other half meaning her husband. The wife's family feels betrayed by her because of how her husband acts and his ways when they visit her original home town in the Central Valley of California. When they visit her family her and husband aren't use to the ways her family and all of the conversation are irrelevant to him.

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