Mba 612: The Power of Effective Leadership in Workforce Motivation

Published: 2021-09-11 00:20:09
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[pic 1]American University of SharjahMaster of Business AdministrationMBA 612 | Leadership and Change ManagementSummer 2015Research Paper - MidtermThe Power of Effective Leadership in Workforce MotivationByNadia B. AzzamID 27379Submitted toDr. Linzi J. KempSubmission DateJuly 14, 2015Table of ContentsIntroduction        Literature Review        Primary Research        Analysis and Discussion        Conclusion and Recommendations        References        IntroductionOne of the key success factors in today's organizations is to have a highly motivated workforce. Work performance is highly related to motivation levels because motivation plus ability equals performance (Cameron & Whetten, 2005). Therefore, part of effective leadership construct is the ability to motivate one's subordinates, peers as well as other employees in the work environment. According to House (2004), motivation is a key component of leadership. They state that leadership is, amongst others, the ability to motivate others to contribute towards the success of their groups and organizations. On the other hand, unmotivated employees are likely to spend very little effort on their work, leave the company when given the opportunity and result in low quality performance (Amabile, 1993). Therefore, the best leaders are those who are able to enhance intrinsic motivation and inspiration within their teams. The research question this paper attempts to answer is:  What leadership techniques can increase intrinsic motivation among employees and result in a highly motivated workforce? The research methods employed in this paper include primary research consisting of an interview with a team leader in an established construction company, in addition to a review of secondary resources of pertinent literature work on the subject of motivation and leadership. Literature ReviewIn his book, Amplifiers, Church (2013) explains the art of motivational leadership practiced by great leaders to influence others and guide them to the path of success. The author emphasizes the need for business leader’s to bridge the link between their strategies and actual execution by motivating and inspiring people around them to excellence. “Amplifiers”, as identified by Church, comprises those great leaders who master the ability to maximize potential outcome from humans and allow new leaders to emerge. These leaders acquire the set of skills and strategies required for motivational leadership, including effective communication skills and high impact word choice when guiding others.

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