McGregor's Case

Published: 2021-09-11 07:05:10
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After the deep consideration, I have made the decision of implementing the new policy on employees' discount. The reason is specified as bellow.

As you all know, McGregor's department store had a reputation for being old-fashioned. I worried about overreliance on a middle-aged and elderly clientele and firm's long-term financial performance. Although our store is doing well now, it is better to prevent trouble than to wait until it came up. Young and dynamic sales would attract younger customers. Despite the competitive wages paid by the store, I decided to update the personnel policies to attract younger staff. The first thing we should do is to change the employees' discount program.

The current employees' discount program wastes employees' time, and the system made no business sense. The new employees' discount program is simple and makes financial sense. The new policy would increase the involvement of employees in the store and in the type of merchandise being sold and, if the incentives were sufficient, it should lead to a significantly greater volume of sales.

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