Mean Girls Essay

Published: 2021-09-02 22:25:08
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Mean Girls
The movie Mean Girls is a hilarious film "when I say hilarious, I don't mean just any kind of funny; I mean hilarious that makes you want to pee your pants". Such as in the film when Cady which is also known as Africa moves to Evanston, Illinois from Africa and is enrolled into school which she had never been before. Cady soon finds herself having a hard time understanding the social norms in the school, and is drawn to one of the most popular cliques in the school known as the "Plastics". She starts to get to know the girls she is very drawn to how dumb they are because she told them she was from Africa and one of the girls said "how are you from Africa if you are not black"?
Once Cady gets in the group her and Janis ends up doing a lot of mean things to Rejina. Once Rejina is out of the picture Cady begins to act like her but do not realizes it until she loses her real friends. She also starts being rebellious to her parent's and start falling class. As all this is going on Cady becomes the most hated girl in the school because Rejina George makes up a lie saying that Cady wrote a book full of bad things about everyone in the school.
This movie is a good movie for children thirteen and up but parents should know this movie has some mature material for PG-13 including crude humor, sexual references, underage drinking and comic violence. It also has a very inappropriate scene when Rejina is having sex with her ex-boyfriend and her mom walks in and asks do they need condoms. But overall I give this movie five starts across the board because it is very hilarious and interesting.

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