Medical Records Ethical Issues

Published: 2021-09-11 11:00:12
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Medical Records Ethical Issues
Phase 3 DB
January 23, 2013

Assuming I was working in a medical facility in the medical records department, the boss of the department would like for the employees to know about medical ethics dealing with medical records. This paper will discuss two of the biggest ethical issues the medical records employees face and why these issues are so important to be aware of. As healthcare becomes more complicated and more numerical, data can with ease be moved around. A high degree of complexity of population information is of great importance for making quality and constraining costs better (Sabin, 2011).
One of the biggest ethical issues in medical records is confidentiality. A medical records staff is obligated to maintain a person who is receiving medical treatment data private. For that reason, the medical record employee must make certain that the person receiving medical treatment data is talked about only to that person and to other employees only when necessary. For example, the billing department will have to see the person's records in order to bill the person. An employee that has to make an appointment for a person at another clinic will have to has access to that person's chart. Staff members must keep away from talking about cases with people that do not work in the office, even if the person receiving medical treatment name is mentioned or not mentioned. Only the person receiving treatment can give up the confidentiality right. All patients' records must be put in a place where they cannot be seen by other patients or visitors (McGraw-Hill, n.d).

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