Mgt4790 Stages of Teams

Published: 2021-09-13 16:30:10
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5.2 Assignment - Stages of Teams
Think of a group to which you belong (or have belonged). Trace its development through the stages of group development as shown in Exhibit 10–2. How closely did its development parallel the group development model? How might the group development model be used to improve this group’s effectiveness?

An assigned group from a previous Marketing class paralleled the group development model very closely. Stage 1, forming, took less than a week before it led into the storming stage 2. Stage 2, storming, took a few days. This step seemed to be the most difficult since there were a lot of leaders in this particular group. In many previous group projects, one person would volunteer, and everyone was ok with it. This group was different because most everyone volunteered to lead, so it took more conversation and discussing the steps to have everyone on board. The norming stage took the least amount of time. Once the storming had passed, approximately a day and we were moving on to stage 4. The performing stage took the longest as there were projects every week and the team was constantly working on something for the project. Adjourning, stage 5, was in the last week of class, as the team buttoned up some last-minute review and tweaking of the final project. Looking back at this process, it was pretty accurate. Until now, I didn’t realize there were actual steps. I would use this model to show other future group members to help visualize the process and how we can get to the next step in the most effective way.

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