Mid-Air Written by Jennifer Allot

Published: 2021-09-12 06:10:07
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Mid-AirMid-Air is a short story written by Jennifer Allot. It’s about a boy named Alex. Alex is on a road trip with his little sister, his dad, the new boy Ben and Paula. Some women that is a colleague of his dad. They are on their road to Robin Hood’s Bay, Alex’ dad used to go a lot to Robin Hood’s Bay, back in the days, when he where a child. Alex’ mom didn’t come with them, because the father and the mother, had some problems between each other. Characterisation of AlexThe Robin Hood´s Bay is his favourite place in the world. He has been there since he was a boy. Alex tries to be nice to people and it included Rosie. He thinks that being to people was not hard, but you must keep an eye on it. At school he tries to be nice to new boy Ben. Alex compares him with Ben and he thinks that he has a lot in common. Alex likes Ben and loves when he talks about bus routes. Alex thinks it's awesome that he knew everything about disasters.Alex had perhaps a little understanding why his parents are not together. He believes it is because of his mother ankles got all puffy and she put them up on the pouf in the sitting room.  Alex thinks that it doesn't look so nice but Alex ignores it think about her mother's good thinks. Alex father should do the same and thinks about the good days they had together.The structure.The structure of the text isn’t chronology, some time the text just goes back and fourth between the days for example, in the text we read about a flash forward and a flashback: ‘’So we had to decide whether to slam on the breaks or what. And he just accelerated and the bus flew through in the air, over the gap and bang! Down on the other side. The bus was a number 78.’’

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