Military Service

Published: 2021-09-14 23:30:10
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Several countries require every young person to serve a minimal of two years of military service. Some have proposed that the United States acquire a comparable policy of mandatory conscription, because of the number of military conflicts our nation has each year. I believe that all young people should be obligated to serve two years of military service. Yet, making this choice should be of the individuals' standpoint. Taking young unmotivated people in the military could make the U.S less powerful and not as successful. Instead of obligating individuals to serve in a military branch, people should have the option to volunteer in public service projects, such as Habitat for Humanity. This would benefit our country while giving people an opportunity to make more of the beautiful world surrounding them.
Volunteers is what makes are military so powerful. Every person in a military branch isn't there because they have to be, but are there because they want to be. Forcing people to join the military would cause troops to be unreliable and unmotivated to fight for our nation. Even though the military is a great place to pick up discipline, some wouldn't have admiration for benefits the military arrange. No American wants unwilling people fighting for them, if people are put to do a mandatory mission, their performance will be hindered.

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