Published: 2021-09-13 18:35:07
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In the movie Bourne Ultimatum there is a shot filmed in the Waterloo Station which is interesting because of the props and usual choice to film in a public crowd in a an open area. In this scene Jason Bourne is trying to save and get information from Simon Ross, a news reporter who has information about Bourne's real identity. The C.I.A. is also trying to get to Ross because he has this information from a source within the agency. The C.I.A. also wants to arrest or kill Bourne if he gets in the way of stopping them form getting to Ross. This scene is shot in London, England. Bourne meets with Ross outside of the Waterloo Train Station. The station is the main transportation center of England and always packed with travelers. This means the people in the shot are just going through their daily business while film crews are shooting the movie. Bourne has Ross make his way through the streets into the station but on the way inside Bourne spots C.I.A. operatives and takes them out before they get to Ross. While inside the station Bourne has Ross use the crowd of people as human shields to hide form the security cameras and C.I.A. operatives searching for him. There are many key elements in the making of a film that so many people do not notice while watching. In the Waterloo Station scene while Bourne walks past a newspaper stand, the abnormal front size on the paper, the natural lighting, and the verisimilitude created by the real people in the station creates the atmosphere of the shot.

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