Models of Motivation and Social Motives

Published: 2021-09-13 17:30:10
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Models of Motivation and Social Motives

This week in class we discussed the Models of Motivation and Social Motives. There are three models of behavior: economic, social, and psychological. And, three social motives: the need for achievement, the need for power, and the need for affiliation. Our lab assignment this week was to have a discussion with 3-5 people about what motivates them and compare their comments to the models above. I spoke with 3 different people from different backgrounds to see if a person's background would make a difference in how they were motivated. The first person I spoke with was a twenty-eight year old female who has been employed with our company for over five years. She is single and has no children. When I posed the question to her regarding motivations, her response was work-related or personal? I asked for a response to both. She said her motivation at work was definitely economic at the present time, but she also is working toward advancing her career at a later date. This young lady feels that even though she is paid a decent salary, she is working in a position that she is overqualified to perform. She expressed to me that her economic situation was the reason she was still working with our company, but if an opportunity for advancement with a competitor presented itself in a couple of years she would consider it due to her desire for career advancement. In regards to motivation in her personal life, she indicated she strongly values family and friends and this played a major role in her relocating back to Michigan. This young woman was initially hired for a position at our home office in Kansas City, MO and after 3 years with our company she submitted a request to be transferred back to Michigan where the majority of her family and friends resided. The second person I spoke with was a forty-five year old female who has been employed with our company for approximately six months. She is a divorcee with two adult children. When I posed the question to her regarding motivation she immediately related it to the work setting. She indicated when her children were younger her main focus was economic and she made specific sacrifices related to work that would best fit her family situation (scheduling, location, etc). However, currently her main focus was advancement

opportunities within a company. She has set certain goals to accomplish in her current position with the hopes of being able to advance within our company in the next couple of years. The third person I had a discussion about motivation with was a twenty-two year old single mother with a five-year old son. She is currently a social work student working part-time in a group home. She mentioned that her main motivation was to make a difference in the lives of others and this was her main reason for pursuing a career in social work. She shared with me that

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