Modern Definition of Advertising

Published: 2021-09-11 05:25:11
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Modern definition of advertising and five key components of the advertising?Advertising is a paid incentive communication which uses any of the means of communication such as television or newspaper as well as other nonpersonal mass media to connect and reach to a broad number of audiences and to connect an identified sponsor with the targeted audiences.The five key components of advertising are:Paid communication: Advertising is a paid form of communication, although some forms of advertising, such as public service announcements (PSAs), use donated space and time.Sponsor is identified: Not only is the message paid for but the sponsor is identified.Tries to persuade or influence: This is the most important part in advertising. It’s intended to persuade rather than to inform or remind, although in some cases the point of the message is simply to inform consumers and make them aware of the product or company. It’s also called Persuasive Advertising.Reaches a large audience: Advertising reaches a large audience of potential consumers.Conveyed through impersonal mass media: The message is conveyed through many different kind of mass media, which are largely nonpersonal. What that mean is that advertising is not directed to a specific person, although this is changing with the introduction of the internet and more interactive media. 2. Six categories of Facets Model? Explain each one?Facets model has 6 categories of effects which are identified as:Emotions are the feeling about something. Emotion arouses creative feeling, wants, and touch. Resonance—Appealing to self-interest.Perception is what we see and hear basically use our 5 senses to perceive or judge and select a product.Association refers to using symbols to communicate. The primary tool used in brand communication. Cognition refers to how consumers respond to information, learn, and understand something. It’s a rational response to a message.Persuasions are made to change the audiences’ behavior, change attitude and build believes.Behavior the action response. How much they buy, try, Visit a store etcIMCIntegrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal costAdvertisiments12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a giant cigarette was used by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes.Amusing FedEx ad that features UPS inside the FedEx truck. The words on the UPS truck are German. Competitive advertisement at its bestThis shirt, created for a FedEx campaign, makes it look like the wearer is carrying a FedEx envelope aroundBBDO created a subway poster that has a fully functional headphone jack embedded in it, which plays samples of various exclusive tracks available at pepsiaccess.caFour uses of research in advertising? Explain each one?The four uses of research in advertising are:Market Information: This research is usually done in a broad scale like extensive or thorough interviews, surveys or observational methods, focus groups and all this data is then converted into a market plan which provides information for an advertising plan. Market research is also done to focus on some specific group or class of people, as well as some major competitive brands. All this collected market information which is found about brands, products and competitor brands which helps to assess the brand’s performance and role in the market. Consumer Insight Research: This research is basically focused on consumers by the media planner and creative team to know as much as they can in detail and in-depth as possible about the people who they are targeting. Social Statistic information and psychographics to determine the attitudes and tastes of a particular segment of a population which is used to describe the target audiences. Media Research: Media research is research that gathers information about all the media communication tools that can be used to convey or deliver the message to the audiences Message Development and Evaluation Research: The development of an advertisement begins with formal and informal research. They find and go through all the useful information by the planners and the clients to become better informed about the brand, the competition, the product, the company, and the product category. Product placement and why has it become popular as an advertising medium? Examples?A form of advertising where a brand or product is placed in the media, for money like a product is displayed on screen as an advertisement within the movie or TV show. It has become a popular advertising medium because when people see their favorite actor or actress or a person who they really admire, look up to or is there mentor using some particular product they too will want to use it as the people want to be like their mentors so they will go and buy that product. E.g. like the movie transformers that movie was all sponsored by the car companies which made the movie famous because of the cars and made the companies rich as well.

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