Molly Rae Case

Published: 2021-09-13 04:25:07
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Molly Rae, a young 31 year old mom was with her friends celebrating her 31st birthday. As she opened her presents she came across one that she wasn't do thrilled about. One that of all gifts she wished she hadn't gotten. Inside of that undesirable gift was a certificate for half off of a cruise. Now most people would be thrilled for something like that. Not Molly for she had a terrible fear of cruises. It all started when her mother, father, sister, and her all went a cruise. She got very sea sick the minute the ship took off. For seven whole days she was living by the toilet and she's hated cruises ever since. So, she took the gift gratefully and moved on to the next gift.

After all the guests left she began thinking. What could she do now? She couldn't just waste her very giving friends money could she? No, it just wouldn't be right. So, Molly began looking for families she knew that were in need of a vacation. She went to the Devereaux' s. They already had a vacation. She went to the Winiger' s. They had just purchased tickets to go to Hawaii that same weekend. She even tried the " Annoying Anderson's" and still no luck. Until finally she thought of that one family who would gladly take a cruise. Of course, the Rose-burg's. She sent Mrs. Rose-burg an email asking for them to meet for coffee. Mrs. Rose- burg generously took up the offer. After finally meeting up for coffee Mrs. Rose- burg agreed to look into the cruise and get back to Molly about it after conferencing with Mr. Rose-burg. Molly accepted that and they went their separate ways.

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