Mountains Beyond Mountains

Published: 2021-09-12 15:15:11
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"Mountains Beyond Mountains"

Paul Farmer's sacrifices examine the social, culture, and economic forces at work. What is amazing about Paul Farmer, is that he spent his adult life in poverty, disease, and bureaucracy in order to help others. Sacrifice can differ from person to person. I believe that Paul Famer made extreme sacrifices in order to help those who are in need. If I had the ability to perform service as Farmer, I would definitely sacrifice my current life style to help the less fortunate. In addition too, Paul's areas of moral clarity, I think he has made the correct decision.
Farmer made many extreme sacrifices like love, health, and society. Having sacrifice love is one of the hardest decisions for a person, especially to help another human being. Farmer had to let go of his wife Didi and daughter Catherine in order to go out in different parts of the world and help the unfortunate. Not only did he give up love, he also lost a valuable relationship with his loved ones. A general happy family should be together and support one another. As for Farmer having a wife and daughter the relationship is soon to be in despair. Farmer is not even around to help his child succeed in any type of form. Another factor that he sacrificed is his health. Working day and night with only a few amounts of sleep can exhausted the body physically and mentally. Also, having malnutrition by not eating healthy pasteurized foods or by not eating at all. Although Farmer helps the less fortunate, he is putting himself in jeopardy due to sickness around him. The areas surrounding him are not sanitized and he can easily come in contract with disease from others. In society, Paul Farmer lacked technology. In Haiti Farmer didn't have the technology essentials to help chronic patience's with TB. Since, lacked technology, he had to smuggle some patience's to America to get the proper and better care. As in Haiti Paul accepted anyone who needed care for free. In the U.S. the economic standards is about making money. What Farmer did was against the social norm of our days'. Instead of a doctor caring for people and getting paid, Paul is caring for people in Haiti without charge. In doing this he is sacrificing wealth which can provide us with basic needs in life to valuable possessions. In the end I believe that Farmer surrendered too much in his life to help numerous people. I would spilt my time in half between my family and work to endure a healthy relationship with the people around me and my health as well as my economic status in society. There is a limit to all things in life and for me Paul has passed that limit.
I would be willing to sacrificing my life to help suffering people because it is what my religion is trying to tell me. As a Roman Catholic, God wants us to help each other the best we can so we can be stronger as a whole. Jesus left examples for us

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