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Published: 2021-09-02 16:50:09
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This book is called 'Mummy', which is published by Scholastic Inc. The author is called Caroline B. Coney, which has total 213 pages.
The story is about 5 students in high school wanted to steal a mummy that lies in the museum, the mummy was 3000 years old already. There are rumors which said that there are gold inside the mummy which cover the mummy from the head to the toes. The students had decided to steal the mummy, but one of the students, Emlyn, had changed her mind as she realized that is was a big crime. Since she wanted to stop this plan, her friends won't. So their plan still goes on, but her friends wanted to cut off the mummy without her by the side. Emlyn knows that they will do that, so she went back to the house and wanted to get back the mummy. But unfortunately, her friends had already hidden the mummy. After some turns, she finally get the mummy and herself save.

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