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Study Guide - Test # 3

 Study Hints: Do not wait to look up these terms the night before the test. Read, Remember, Regurgitate, Know, Understand and Relate to Cultural Geography. Think of specific examples that relate to the subject. Remember RTFQ!

 The test will consist of multiple choice type questions, at least three short answer essay type questions, vernacular housing styles and, possibly, a map.

Chapter 7

1. Differentiate between Folk Culture and Pop Culture. Pop culture is mainstream and Folk culture is the traditional non faddish aspect of culture.
2. Is it the product of homogeneous, self-sufficient, isolated groups or does it belong to everyone? It is isolated
3. Who is likely to preserve Folk Culture? - groups or individuals? individuals

4. Pop Culture expects certain behavior that is often uniform and reduces isolated
regional differences - often exactly the opposite of Folk Culture, which is individual in

5. What causes Pop Culture? - Three causes - Mass communication YES or NO.

6. Are any Folk Societies left in America? If so, list this group of people - They are
sometimes referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch.
7. The landscape created by human action is the .
8. What is a vernacular house style?
9. In Folk societies building materials are dictated by local .
10. Know the Northern Hearths and the two regions of development.
11. What house types were built in the Northern Hearths?
12. Know the types of houses built in the Middle Atlantic Hearth.
13. What are the houses of the Middle Atlantic Hearth made of?

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