My English Class Is the Best

Published: 2021-09-13 18:25:11
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My English class is the best.
[Listening to: America's Suitehearts-Fall Out Boy]

We have storytime. We sit in circles. And now, we play games, too. In the book we're reading, there's this rhyme that keeps coming up. There's a game that goes along with it, so we played the game in English class. It's like kindergarten all over again, except we have to write essays.

On Monday, we had our last school concert of the year. It's the one where we can wear whatever we want, and all the seniors get honored. The tenor saxophones have these ugly yellow shirts that they wear every Friday, and they were going to wear them for the concert. My band teacher let them, but he told them that after all the seniors were honored (which would happen just before our last song), they'd have to take the shirts off. The whole band starting chanting, "KEEP THE SHIRTS!", and our band teacher gave in and let them keep the shirts.

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