My Favorite Basketball Team

Published: 2021-09-11 18:35:09
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my favorite basketball team is the warriors. They will win the championship this year because they have four of the best players in the nba: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. They also have a versatile bench that scores many points. The only problems are both injuries and the Cleveland Cavs. Kevin Durant is injured at the moment but will be back to play soon. Even in his hiatus, bench players like Andre Iguadola have stepped up to the plate and delivered. The other problem that may be a deterrent for the Warriors is Cleveland. The defending NBA Champs stopped the warriors from winning last year and are still a threat this year. Lebron james and kyrie irving are two of the best players in the game and will take games down to the very last second. they are two of the clutchest players as well and can handle the pressure of taking big shots which was present in the finals last year. However, the waarriors seem unstoppable this year and are in first place in the division. the cavs may not even make it that far this year as the eastern conferrence has a lot of competition this year. the boston celtics lead by isiah thomas are currently in first place and will be a road block for the cavs. Regardless of who the warriors end up facing in the playoffs and or nba championship, i think it will be nearly impossible to beat this team of all stars.

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