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Published: 2021-09-03 03:05:09
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My Infographic
My infographic consists of 5 sections; Character traits, themes, symbols, settings and conflicts. I have incorporated colours such as pink, red, and shapes such as love hearts and lollipops to create a romantic, dreamy vibe that I received from the book. First, for the characters traits, I briefly listed the main characteristics and roles of the two main characters. Additional explanation seem unnecessary as I have already explained everything in the infographic. Moving on to the theme, I created a jumble of words (such as obsession, desires, sin, love, lust and etc) that cover the main themes of the story. Elaborating to the theme, I think the main message I comprehended from this book was the power and beauty of literature. Although this book is filled with uncomfortable subjects such as rape, incest, pedophilia, and murder, the author successes to persuade the readers in thinking that he is the victim by seducing us with enchanted literature. With the power of language, Humbert manages to manipulate the readers as he manipulates Lolita himself. He distracts and confuses the readers with his charm, and interferes with them from making proper judgements (he often addresses the readers as the ‘ladies and gentlemen of the jury’). Next for the symbols, I included hotels, a butterfly, and a prison cell. The hotels refer to unstableness of the characters. Humbert himself was born in a hotel, and he continues to shift between places as he never settles down at one. Lolita also moves to various different places after her mother’s death, when Humbert takes full charge over her. When him and Lolita travels across the States at the end of the story, they stay in hundreds of motels and inns. I think the hotels represents not only the physical residence of the characters, but the emotional. They symbolize the emotional homeless of the two characters, none of who own a real family or someone to call their home but each other. Lolita loses her mother, her only protection and blood-relative at age 12, and Humbert loses both of his wives to tragic accidents. The first quotation, “My heart was a hysterical unreliable organ.” was included because it shows the readers the kind of love Humbert had for nymphets (especially Lolita), which he confesses had no control over. For the second symbol, I included a butterfly. Image references of butterflies appear often throughout the story as a metaphor for Lolita’s innocence and fragility. It is also used to describe her physical movements, soft and beautiful. When describing nymphets, Humbert uses words such as frail, fairy-like, supple or fragile, which can all be used to describe a butterfly. Nymphets grow to a teenager, and eventually to an adult just like how an egg grows to a caterpillar, to a pupa and eventually a butterfly. Lolita herself undergoes a significant change from a innocent 12 year old child, to a worn out 17 year old pregnant housewife.

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