My Leading Style

Published: 2021-09-03 06:05:12
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                                                                                                                                                                     My Leading Style        When do I lead?Leadership for me is not just a quality, it is also a state of mind. You don’t have to be at a certain position to be a leader. A leader can be anyone at any point the opportunity arises. All you need is the power, mind-set and reason to be a leader. So I lead when I can. Also, I lead when there is a problem and it cannot be solved without taking the authority to direct the team as a whole to achieve a certain goal or task.Why do I lead?I lead to make a difference with my ideas. I lead because I believe in myself and my ability to take the team together and forward. In one of the activities arranged by the college, we a group of 10 had to do a task and it being a competition we all wanted to win so I took the opportunity to take it forward. We not only we were able to completed the task within the time frame but also win it. And I believe it was because of the cleverness and spontaneity of the actions taken.How do I lead?As already mentioned I like to bring a change and win. I take in consideration all the possibilities and then go for the one that is considered the best by the majority of the team, as the ultimate goal of the team is winning.What leading behaviours seem to work best for me, and why might this be?I believe that the best approach that takes the team together and in the right direction is going with the option that majority has chosen as gives the team a confidence in the leader, about the leader being not a dictator but a companion and an instructor. Where can I improve in my leading, and how might I go about improving?If I am given an opportunity to lead, I always try to give my best shot possible. I consider all the positives and negatives as a feedback from the team and improve them when the next opportunity arises as, I believe, is the only way to know that something doesn’t work is to try it once and if the feedback is not appropriate trying something else. Also, the team members are the best ones to go to take feedback of your leadership and strategies

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