My Number by Billy Collins

Published: 2021-09-03 07:15:15
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In My Number by Billy Collins, it seems that the narrator is asking if "death" himself has "had trouble with the directions" to his house. It seems as though the narrator is waiting on Death to come and take him. He uses words such as reaching, breathing, and loosening, as if Death was a person who constantly caused trouble for others, leading them to their death. Though he talks about Death committing all of these crimes, never once in the poem did he seem afraid or nervous for Death, rather more anxious. The last line, where the narrator states that he will begin talking his way out of this, is the only hint of fear observed. It's as if he will calmly make conversation with Death upon his arrival, and at the same time, attempt to maneuver his way out of Death's hold.
Because I Could Not Stop for Death by Emily Dickinson is very different from In My Number. Unlike the narrator from that poem, the woman in this poem is traveling with Death. She has already been captured and his walking with him towards the afterlife. Like the narrator in In My Number though, she has no fear or nervousness about Death. Death seems to be almost a calming character in this poem, as she describes her surroundings with peaceful imagery. It even states that though she was too busy to stop for Death, he came to her, as if death had a respect for the woman. What I did find interesting though, was that she seemed so willing to give up her life to travel with Death towards eternity.

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