My Philosophy of Education - Personal Views Essay

Published: 2021-09-13 21:05:10
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“My Philosophy of Education”.In my opinion, philosophy is an activity of thought or style of thinking. This might be different to everyone based on their way of life. Philosophy is a quest after wisdom or can be saying as activity of thought. Philosophy is very important to everyone when solving a problem. For an example, to solve a problem we need analyses or arguments. When it’s reasonable and can be accepting according your belief, then problem can solved. Other than that, philosophy is very important when we communicate to persuade other person with acceptable arguments. In my opinion, education is the process of human behavior which being shaped and molded. Other than that, education is developing individual’s talent and his inner potentialities. Education is an enlightening experience in each individual for betterment of their life. Education is very important to give self-realization of their personality, society and nation. My philosophy of education is something unique and must implement in my future classrooms. In order of children benefit, I think the teacher must fully understand the important of their role in classroom. First of all, the teachers must change their teaching method and their mind. I think teachers must change their role in classroom by adopts a mentoring role. To be a guide a person, a guider must be more patient, able to change in any circumstances and demonstrate fairness and consistency. Other than that, teachers also must have good relationship with their students. In this way students will be confident themselves for adult interaction and survival in the future.

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