My Very First Car Accident

Published: 2021-09-11 23:45:10
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My Very First Car Accident
My car crash was a very interesting moment for my friends and me. We had been getting ready to go to a party in Fayetteville that night. Even though it had been raining all day and some parts of the night, we were still determined to go. I had just gotten my first car a few months earlier, a dark green 1997 Saturn SL. The car still had its original cassette player in it but I didn't care I was still going to show it off. It was a total of five of us in the car, Jeremy, Chloe, Jasmond, Cricket, and I. I picked up Jeremy and Cricket up first then Jasmond and Chloe. It was our first time going to a club-like party and I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get some cherry Carmex lip balm for my lips if I was going to go. Coming from Centerton we had the music turned all the way and jamming to Chris Brown, not knowing that as soon as we turn onto Walton Blvd. that our lives would change forever. There was a white car driving in front of me that had just started to get into the turning lane, I thought she was going to turn in the Wal-Mart entrance but instead it was the entrance in front of it. I was slowing down but I didn't slow down fast enough and I had to stomp on my brakes: all you hear from my car are the tire skidding across the wet pavement and then a loud crash. I couldn't believe what had just happened; I made sure that everyone in my car was ok because I was driving with a restricted license and was afraid of the consequences. The hood of my car was bent, the head-lights shattered but were still able to work, and my license plate with my name on it shattered to pieces all over the ground. I'm so glad I had insurance for my car, I was very prepared for what was to come but to my surprise the lady didn't call the police to report the accident which didn't make since so I volunteered to call but she said "no, its ok you don't need to". After all that she just drove off with basically no damage to her car and leaving us standing there in awe of what just happened.

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