Mysticism Case

Published: 2021-09-13 21:15:10
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Men's awareness of God is rooted from the mystical states of consciousness that is hardly or not even explainable by facts or logic. It diverts is way from other mystical states because unlike them, its characteristics that cannot be supported by science. Its examples range from the simplest to the most extreme cases: from a phenomenon of having been in that same time, place, and situation before to a Scripture having a mystical illumination. But it seems that even music and poetry have difficulties in putting these experiences across the realm of the known. It can be fathomed that poetry and music bears witness to the ideality of the concept, as much as alcohol intoxication transgresses to the concept of reality. However in the case of alcohol intoxication, it really can trigger the coming of mystical state of consciousness. Even if it crosses the border of reality, believers would not go against this because it is a way to communing with God.

Mystical states of consciousness are applied to religion as elements of methodical cultivation. They have been seen in Buddhism, Christianity and other religions but these states vary differently in each creed. They would greatly affect the belief of the people experiencing it. Even so, it would not change the impossibility of ordinary words to denote these states. This is because mystical experiences infinitely excels beyond what words can mean. It is somewhat a matter of personal experience that can neither be passed on to nor can it be experienced by everyone, and that is the main reason why it cannot be accepted as true or valid.

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