Native Americans and Legislation

Published: 2021-09-12 20:05:09
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Last year the government took leaps and bounds in the direction towards bettering the Indian Country. A Health Care Act and Law and Order act was made permanent. Unfortunately enforcement of these acts was made difficult due to the lack of funding. The lack of last year's funding has led to the current issue of the FY2012 Budget Request. The NCAI has drawn up a requested budget with specific recommendations to honor the Trust Responsibility made centuries ago. These recommendations include increasing economic development opportunities, helping the elders, increasing funding for (HUD), and much more. Without more funding from the government the Health Care Act and the Law and Order Act that was made permanent last year cannot be enforced. Other responsibilities such as education, welfare, housing, transportation, etc. need funding as well. Legislatures are currently debating what is their responsibilities are towards the Native Americans according to the United States Constitution. The Native Americans are waiting in anticipation for next year when their request for more funding is reviewed. The funding is much needed because many reservations are in a depression and at the high 80% of the people are unemployed.
Centuries ago the United States Government made financial promises to the Native Americans with treaties and signed contracts, in return for land and resources. Since then, The United States has not lived up to their promises rather they have made baby steps along the way in that direction. I believe the Welfare reform Act is directly related to this issue. I say this because the intended use for the requested funding is going to all areas of welfare to get the Native Americans on their feet again.

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