Nature V.S. Nurture

Published: 2021-09-12 08:50:09
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Nature vs. Nurture
Much of this world is divided up by nature and nurture. The characteristics of a person can either be similar or different to the way a person looks and thinks. The natures of people are the traits that come from their parents, their race. Race can cause a tremendous controversy that has led our country into a downwards spiral. The nurtured characteristics are the traits that people develop themselves after they are born. The environment of a person's life greatly determines the way they function. The traits a person has that they weren't born with are the traits that the environment has influenced on them. Nurture and nature can cause a struggle with others if not taken lightly, but if treated right can result in a new beginning for all inhabitants. Without one or the other, people cannot cope with society and are treated unfairly or righteous with their decisions they make today.
Nurture greatly depends on the fact on which you were raised by and their values. Many political figures are the case of this, including our president Barack Obama. As you may know, President Obama is African American but was raised by a Caucasian mother. Many citizens believe African Americans are a violent race, but Obama's childhood caretaker had proven otherwise and has made him our United States president. America still does struggle with race conflicts and determines itself to rise to loyalty, just as Barack Obama has with his presidency against the public. As racism continues to persists, there are many who wish to overcome this idea of how it does not matter what race you are born as. The truth in matter is that the environment you are raised in can make all the difference. As Obama flourished in school, he later became a United States senator and had gathered the necessary details of law and government. So the fact in the matter is that the characteristics you are taught in life carry though you and make the person you are today.

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