Naturopathy in Nutritional Medicine

Published: 2021-09-12 22:00:06
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"Both Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine focus on ensuring the health of clients by focussing on the root cause of illness and building the health and well-being of a client rather than treating ailments" (Community Services & Health Industry Skills Council 2013).
This essay will draw comparisons between Naturopathy and Nutritional Medicine and look at the key differences and similarities in the history, evolution and philosophies of the two health practices.
Naturopathy is a holistic approach that is centred on stimulating and supporting harmony and balance within the body and keeping oneself in sync with nature. At the core of Naturopathic medicine is the philosophy that the human body has an intrinsic ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. Thus, a Naturopathic treatment forgoes the use of current medical drugs and radical surgeries, and instead prescribes a largely natural diet, supplemented with vitamins and minerals and herbs, to allow the body to heal itself and maintain balance. As a practice, Naturopathy assesses the patients mental, emotional, nutritional and physical behaviours and seeks to treat the cause of any underlying health issues and provide long term health benefits, rather than find a 'band aid-effect' cure.
Similar to Naturopathy in its principles, Nutritional Medicine places emphasis on the relationship of food and nutrients to the well-being of the body, rather than relying on more conventional medical approaches to treat ailments. The practice of Nutritional Medicine is based on the knowledge of what is needed to give optimal nourishment to the body, with each person's body being unique and their requirements different. Nutritional Medicine also considers the environmental effects on the quality of foods, and more specifically, how the macronutrients and micronutrients in foods can affect the chemical processes of an individual and in turn benefit their overall health.

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