Nestle: Sustaining Growth in Mature Markets

Published: 2021-09-10 22:45:13
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Over the last 20 years the Nestle has moved from a production based company to being a science driven, nutrition, health and Wellness Company. Through the use of improved technology and research and development Nestle has grouwn to a multi national company. The list of products has expanded to almost every realm focusing not only on the product itself but also on its packaging and ease of use. Its future is firmly set in nutrition, health and wellness since that is the direction the world is going. They currently have a global network of 28 Nestlé centers of excellence in research and product development. They have the large research organization staffed with scientists that focus on the global customers different needs and preferences.

In June of 1997 Nestle was a leader in the food industry in Europe and had a substantial hold on the pet food and water industry. Mr. Helmut Maucher had expanded the company from its smaller 1982 size to a truly global company. Nestlé operated in 77 countries and sold its products in all 6 continents. Mr. Maucher focused on acquiring companies that would help expand Nestlé's market and reach more customers. Through the acquisition of Carnation, Buitoni and Rowntree and Perrier he no longer had to solely depend on the profits from coffee sales. (
In order to keep up with modern technology, Nestle started a global initiative called Operation Excellence. The primary goal of this program was to correct several logistical deficiencies by optimizing productivity, improving supply chain, eliminating overhead & reducing product complexity. In an attempt to reduce redundant processes and the complications of running a global company, Nestle installed a common information system that allowed them to integrate all information from all business units into one centralized system.

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