Nestle Company Purchasing Management

Published: 2021-09-10 22:15:08
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NESTLE COMPANYPurchasing managementAssignmentTang Wei Qin, Ray2/10/2016CT02697141.0 Introduction of report structureThis report has been conducted as purchasing management strategy to further break down and analyze the concept that has been applied to company Nestle. This report basically discussed about three major interlinking matters which are purchasing management, supplier selection requirement and related issue from internal or external that encountered by company Nestle. Start from introducing the company background as well as ways which been used by company Nestle to select its supplier, followed by information and communication technology(ICT) that company Nestle uses to strengthen their internal system to distribute huge supplies to globally worldwide and identify the strategy to reduce and control cost wastage. Lastly will be conclusion for this report.1.1 Introduction of Company GoalsThe main marketing objective of Company Nestle aims is to be compatible to overall goals of the organization. There are few aims in order to meet overall organization goals are like;To keep their phase consistently in order to meet international standards of the external environmental system. To establish mutual relationship with government policies, consumers as well as its business partners.To balance business movements of the organization by measuring the factors of costs and benefits.To build the reputation of organization by applying solid business practices.To being environmental friendly by minimizing natural resources wastages.Company Nestle is providing many diverse beverage products as well as food products in the market such as cereals, bottled water, coffee, chilled and frozen foods, healthcare nutrition, baby foods, chocolate & confectionery, dairy, drinks, ice-cream and pet foods. (Nestle, 2016)Nestle company has established the relationship with the numbers of more than 165,000 suppliers and 695,000 individual farmers worldwide. Along with setting the non-negotiable minimum requirements which are the Nestle Supplier Code and Appendix for its suppliers, employees, agency and sub-contractors to be stand-by respectively at all time when conducting business. There are few competitors out in market which are Keurig, NiegeriaBrewry,Heinz, Starbucks, BakerHostetler, etc and also companies like Hershey, Cadbury, Unilever has brought a intensive competition with specific similar product line to Nestle company. 2.0 Suppliers Selection Criteria and Issues2.1 Purchasing goal and needs The overall objective of Nestle company such as phasing themselves in order to meet international standards, establish mutual relationship with consumers and business partners, measure and balance business activities, build up a strong benchmark products and being environmental friendly. From there the purchasing goal of Nestle company have to develop appropriate and effective purchasing strategies accordingly in order to tie up with overall organization goals. There are a few purchasing strategies that applied by Nestle company to deal with its suppliers have given below such as:

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