Net Neutrality Advocates Hope Dutch Law Will Inspire Others

Published: 2021-09-04 02:05:15
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Abstract 1 - Net Neutrality Advocates Hope Dutch Law Will Inspire Others
The article refers to how the Dutch look to be the first European country to pass a network neutrality law. The law says in its basic form, "operators in the Netherlands will not be allowed to block Internet applications, charge extra for them or prioritize one application over another" (Ricknas 2011). This is very important because the European Union has taken a hands off approach and allowed the countries to legislate this activity and more of the EU is looking at how the Dutch implement this law and how it eventually affects innovation and consumers.

Abstract 2 - California ISP May Render "Net Neutrality" Laws Unnecessary
The article talks about how Internet Service provider is providing high quality and blazing internet speeds at a very affordable cost and the net neutrality laws may not be needed because prices will start to come down and quality will go up if there are companies like who are willing to take a chance and offer much faster speeds than those of companies like Comcast, who offer a 105Mbps service for nearly $200.00 a month. Sonic's service is 1Gbps and will cost $60 per month. If companies like Sonic can create value, they will succeed and force Comcast to drive down their cost and be competitive.

Abstract 3 -FCC Faces Heat Over Disclosure Requirements in Net Neutrality Rules

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